Safe & Caring Schools Policy

Safe and Caring Schools Policy

The German Language School Society of Edmonton (GLSSE) is committed to creating a welcoming learning environment, which promotes understanding and respect among all members of the school community.

The GLSSE believes that equity, inclusion and fairness towards all members of the school community irrespective of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, marital status, family status, source of income, socio-economic status or sexual orientation are essential principles and are integrated into all our policies, procedures, programs and practices.

The GLSSE believes that all students have the right to learn and achieve success and acknowledges the impact of school climate on students’ success. (School Climate = the environment, values and relationships found within a school. A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, included and accepted, and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions. Equity, inclusion and respect are critical components embedded in the learning environment.)

The GLSSE is committed to fostering positive school climates through purposeful, thoughtful and inclusive practices that support healthy student, staff and school community relationships. This pertains to all aspects of policy, programming, professional learning, resources, supports, reporting and data.

The GLSSE is committed to acknowledging, addressing, and eradicating discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying. The GLSSE believes school has the responsibility to ensure that students and their families feel safe to share these issues and concerns. Within a safe and caring environment, students and their families have the right and responsibility to bring these concerns to the attention of the school staff. The GLSSE expects that school staff will be respectful of the concerns of students and their families, and will work with them to provide appropriate supports and resolve their issues in a timely manner.

Code of Conduct

All students, parents, staff, board members and visitors shall be required to conduct themselves in accordance with the GLSSE’s commitment to non-discrimination and human rights as set out in the GLSSE Safe and Caring Schools Policy. Conduct which is not consistent with this policy shall not be tolerated by the GLSSE. In order to ensure that the GLSSE’s commitment to fostering and promoting non-discrimination and human rights is communicated effectively, the GLSSE shall ensure:

  1. All German Language School Society of Edmonton users shall be informed of this policy.
  2. Conduct consistent with this policy is considered to be a term and condition of employment for all staff.
  3. Allegations of discrimination will be reported to the Director and Principal in the case of students, and to the immediate supervisor in the case of employees.